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Countrywide Credit Collection Services rushed in the market in 2019 is an IT enabled debt management company that offers best practices and technologies for managing debts.
IT-driven collections
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Why Us
What makes us different?
Keep good relations
We strongly believe that we understand what our clients want from us and how to get it without compromising their good relationship with customers.
Individual approach
Our collections strategies are customer- centric and we know that the only right way to collect is to provide all customers with personal and tailored fit solutions that suits them most.
Positive and correct
We are finding the best time and way to contact customers to deliver solutions and collect leaving positive customer experience.
Data-driven, digital collections services enabling unprecedent recovery and customer satisfactions
• With full automation we are able to accommodate any number of accounts, accept thousands of cases immediately and scale up to millions within a week. Bank, financial or lending company, telco or utility provider — here we are.

• We are aiming to provide best in class quality and tackle your current collections partners to increase entire portfolio` performance.

• We start immediately, we will do the first attempt in less than an hour. Our automated engine learns and improves over the first few days of placement and keeps learning and improving till the end of placement.

• We can effectively reach our customers on many different platforms. For those who avoid standard collections practices we shift preferences to social media and messengers with personalized digital experiences that drive engagement and deliver results where other`s can`t.

• CCCS services in a nutshell. But if you see us as an outsourcing partner for calls or chats and this can help to your business, we are ready to help.
Debt purchasing, immediate and simple solutions for clients to maintain a healthy balance sheet and NPL ratios
• To get the immediate recovery let us purchase your portfolios so both of us can focus on our main businesses.

• We evaluate portfolio based on our history of recovery for similar portfolios. We can evaluate more precisely when we have actual history of collections of a portfolio, lets start with regular collections services and we will offer the best price.

• Still want more? Then consider profit-sharing arrangements. We will pull-out the portfolio from the balance sheet, but you will receive shares from every collected repayment.
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